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Community Physiotherapy

The clinic is located within the hospital main building with an area of approx.600 sq.ft. The clinic caters to the employees and their families residing at Ordinance Factory Campus. It provides physiotherapy treatment for patients suffering from problems such as low back pain, cervical spondylitis, paralysis, arthritis, sports injuries, and industrial stress injuries etc. It is equipped with facilities such as Short Wave Diathermy, Ultrasonic therapy, IFT, Wax Bath, Electronic Traction, Electrical Stimulation besides Exercise Therapy equipments etc. It is manned by a specialist who would evaluate and treat the patients. It provides clinical training facility for B.P.T students. Patients requiring advanced physiotherapy treatment are referred to I.T.S for further care. The project has received supporting grant from Ordinance Factory Women Welfare Association. It is indeed a milestone in the history of both the institutions.


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